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Precision Balance Stabilizers (2018) A Blend of Multiple Laminate Carbon Layers that provide a very durable stabilizer system. The rod uses Precision CNC Machined Aluminium Caps on both ends of the rod with a 5/16-24 threaded end that will hold a wide variety of weight systems, that include our Precision Machined 5/16-24 Threaded Weight System. 3in 5/16-24 Thread Screw Included. Weights not included. Sizes: •8in - 2.1oz •10in - 2.3oz •12in - 2.6oz •15in - 2.9oz•20in - 3.5oz •24in - 3.9oz •27in - 4.3oz •30in - 4.6oz •33in - 5.0oz From the makers of Doinker comes a truly Affordable Performance Archery Stabilizer Line! If your looking for a stabilizer system for that new bow but don't want to destroy your wallet or sacrifice performance. Precision Balance Stabilizers was designed for you. We saw a growing need for a more affordable option in stabilizers and knew we were up to the challenge of providing archers and Archery Pro-Shops with a system that would meet their demands. Precision Balance Stabilizers is brought to you by the same great company that has been providing top, world class archers with the equipment needed to win for the last 26 years. Doinker Stabilizers. Doinker is a sister company to Precision Balance and both companies are owned and operated by Leven Industries Inc. Buy a Precision Balance Side Stabilizer (2018) in our Archery Shop... Buy a Precision Balance Front Stabilizer (2018) in our Archery Shop...2018 CARTEL CLASSIC - 16/17 June The opening round of the 2018 Pro Archery Series will take place at SuSC Müllenborn's beautiful venue near Gerolstein in Germany over the weekend of 16/17 June. Watch the world's top professional archers as they take on the physically challenging Mullenborn field course. This event will see the launch of our new video and scoring service optimized for mobile viewing. ENTRY LIST Champions (2015-17) 1 Ivana Buden2 Dave Cousins3 Domagoj Buden4 Andre Grawinkel5 Inge Enthoven Q-School Graduates6 Reginald Kools7 Sebastien Clapie Wildcard Entries8 Mario Vavro9 Andrea Flock-Schmitt Sponsors Picks10 Arnaud Gesnouin11 Gonzalo Linares Martinez12 Janine Meissner13 Michael Cauwe14 Quirin Knaack15 Sébastien Denayer Bohning Top 6016 Chris White17 Nico Wiener18 Sander Dolderman19 Heather Gore20 Duncan Busby21 Geraint Thomas22 Hope Greenwood23 Pekka Loitokari24 Andreas Reuter25 Jari Haavisto26 Guillaume Humetz27 Peter Leijon28 Tom Duncan29 Christian Spura30 Anne Lantee31 Dejan Sitar32 Isabell Thun33 Ulrike Wiese34 Christina Rüter35 Fabien Delobelle36 Marko Järvenpää37 Yannick Schütz38 Tobias Heeg39 Tony Weston40 Stefan Rehr41 Rodney Groom42 Oddmund Tjentland43 Gilles Seywert44 Jim Metcalfe45 David Etienne46 Julien Lallemant47 Herbert Luidolt48 Henrik Hornung49 Stas Modic50 Antoine Quiquere51 Anthony Dupuis52 Dirk Schütz53 Chantal Noest54 Lucy Holderness55 Bart Vingerhoets56 Olaf van Vlodrop PROMOTE YOUR BRAND With many of our partners and advertisers continuing their support in 2017 it once again highlights the ever growing stature of the Pro Archery Series. You too can promote your brand to a global audience. Contact us today for further information... info@pro-archery.com 2018 CALENDAR The calendar for the 2018 Pro Archery Series will be as follows... 16/17 JuneCartel Classic - Mullenborn - Germany 14/15 JulyDoinker Masters - Esch - Luxembourg 18/19 AugustFort van Lier - Belgium 1/2 SeptemberAlternative Welsh Masters - Dan-y-Darren - Wales Our qualification event for new competitors will take place on...25/26 AugustQ-School - Esch - Luxembourg PARTNERS We would like to thank the following brands for supporting the Pro Archery Series... •Alternative Services•Cartel•Doinker•Arizona (AAE)•Feather Vision•Soul Archery•Freddie Archery•Beiter•Bohning•The Archery Company•DS-Archery•Nikon•TRU Ball•Axcel•Gripper Archery•ICE Smart Sports•Elite Archery EU•Roth Bogensport•FirstString•Infitec Archery•Kudos Sports MORE INFORMATION Visit our web site or follow us at... OFFICIAL WEB SITE proarcheryseries.com VIDEOvimeo.com/proarchery SOCIAL MEDIAfacebook.com/proarcheryseries twitter.com/pro_archery instagram.com/proarcheryseries1 - Core Air riser - SALE2 - Easton Carbon One shafts (doz)3 - Avalon Tec One shafts (doz) with Pins4 - Kinetic Accurate Bamboom limbs - SALE5 - Cartel Fantom Fiber limbs - SALE6 - Samick Ideal riser7 - Hoyt Grand Prix Alero riser8 - Easton X10 shafts (doz)9 - Samick Avante riser10 - Shibuya Ultima II RC Carbon Sight11 - Avalon Tec X Olympic Recurve Sight12 - Kinetic Heat riser - SALE13 - Easton ACE shafts (doz)14 - SF Elite Carbon/Foam limbs - SALE15 - Alternative Kurly Vanes16 - Core Black Prelude limbs17 - Easton Inspire shafts (doz)18 - SF Elite Fiber/Foam limbs - SALE19 - Avalon Classic shafts (doz) with Pins20 - WNS Elite Forged 25in riser The Alternative Top 20 list shows the most viewed products in our Archery Shop web site over the most recent seven days. This list is updated daily. See in store for the latest product rankings.Avalon Tec X Olympic Recurve Sight Based on the extraordinarily popular 2017 generation Tec X compound sight, a simple, no nonsense model with toughness and durability built in to a lightweight design. Features an all aluminium construction with a 9 inch extension and includes a sight pin s standard. Choose from 7 anodized colours. All colour options feature the standard black base model but with coloured knobs. •Material: aluminium•Thread: 8-32•Extension: 9in•7 anodized colours•Sight pin included•Sight bag included Colours•Black•Black/Blue•Black/Grey•Black/Green•Black/Orange•Black/Purple•Black/Red Buy an Avalon Tec X Olympic Recurve Sight in our Archery Shop...Hoyt Quivers (2018) The 2018 generation Hoyt range of quivers maintains the reversible properties of their earlier models meaning that there is no need for specific RH or LH models. New for 2018 is the Outfitter colour which is a stylish black and beige two tone option. Perfect if you don't like the other black/red colour option. The quiver features two accessory pockets and a belt is included. •Colours: Outfitter (black/beige), Team (black/red)•RH/LH interchangeable•Belt included Buy a Hoyt Outfitter Field Quiver in our Archery Shop... Buy a Hoyt Outfitter Hip Quiver in our Archery Shop... Buy a Hoyt Team Field Quiver in our Archery Shop... Buy a Hoyt Team Hip Quiver in our Archery Shop... Doinker Mighty Mount - Bat Mount NOW IN STORE! The Bat Mount is a fully adjustable Off-Set Mighty Mount with a TAC Bolt and 1/4-20 Bolt. Weight 4.2oz. Black colour. Product code BM-MMFAOSM Buy a Doinker Mighty Mount - Bat Mount in our Archery Shop...AvalonClassic Prime tabs now available in small purple colour. Still waiting for the small gold to arrive. Also we have a new shipment of Tec One points. We have all sizes except the 400-500 (120gn) model which is still unavailable.In addition BowtechExtended range of clothing available in store soon. Bows now available to order with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING CartelNew shipment with more Fantom EDGE limbs due in store very soon. This new updated model for 2018 has been incredibly popular. The older Fantom model is currently on SALE and many sizes are selling out fast. DiamondBows now available to order. HoytAlero risers still only available in RH models. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the LH models. SamickWe are getting regular shipments from Samick so the availability of Ideal and Avante risers is looking good. ShocqMore new products added... Record entry level wooden bows and Glory T/D field bow now available. TRU BallNew products to be announced shortly. UukhaLimbs now have a 5 week lead time. Risers allow 20 weeks. Uukha are working hard to reduce these lead times. New clicker extensions now in stock.ABC is the short name for the Alternative Buying Club. It's our very own loyalty discount scheme available to all customers world wide using the Alternative Services Archery Shop online. Once your membership has been processed you can claim a 5% discount on every order placed in the next 12 months by logging in and using your ABC account to make the purchase.

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